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C2L is a one stop destination for all campus and life related queries. It is the only platform cum forum that allows users to discuss, post, interact among each other and utilize all the resources that the website hosts.

We treat our articles as recipes.Spice, Sweet, Sour, Savory mixed together to have a balancing act. Our forum is not just about jobs or notes, we discuss about various life related situations and problems that help people in all walks of life.

" The Best of the Best". Learn, Analyze and Crack all the secrets of an interview. A composition of the best complied and penned interview strategies.

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Campus2life was started on the basic idea of helping students who find difficulties in their academic career and life. Here in this site we will be discussing about a lot of things which will be very beneficial for a normal student. Not only students, we have very important categories for people who are moving forward towards their life. We will try to give complete support on any basis.

It may be related to anything in your life. Just ask our experts and they will reply in minutes. We saw many people who has not been used to basic forum interface and feel difficult to understand it. So we have designed a simple and a clean layout which will definitely help you people. Solving your problems and keeping you updated is our main motto.

We will always stay competitive with other sites and forums by adding numerous user-requested posts and articles such as eBooks, Materials, Results, Jobs and lot of other categories which we have already implemented. Please register to support the site. And once registered, you can Introduce Yourself Section under General Category. Also you can check out the new boards which have been started recently.

We request you to support us by sharing the site with your friends and family. Please move to the Forum tab for more information.

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