12 Best Healthy Eating Food Secrets Women with Great Bodies Know


4. Sip Smartly

With so many drink choices—Sodas! Apple Martinis! Venti Mocha Nacho Grande!—available today, it’s easy to make diet-blowing decisions. But the right kinds of liquids can be part of the foundation of a healthy diet. Homemade soups and juices can be packed with nutrients and as water-based liquids, and research shows they’ll help you feel satisfied. In fact, one recent study found those who ate a soup-based meal experienced greater satiety than those who ate a mix of solids and liquids of the same ingredients.

Now, we don’t mean pre-packaged soups and bottled juices, which are often loaded with sodium and added sugars. We’re talking about healthful, tasty soups and juices you can whip up at home with wholesome ingredients. For example, lentil soup makes a filling dinner, while a green juice made with an apple, kale, lemon, and celery is a perfect choice for breakfast or an afternoon pick-me-up. Drink water or unsweetened green tea the rest of day. Coffee is also fine, but minimize the additions—if you can drink it black, that’s best. If not, try a little almond milk. Wine is fine in moderation, as are clear liquors like vodka (don’t mix it with soda or sugary mixers, though).

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