12 Best Healthy Eating Food Secrets Women with Great Bodies Know


8. Favor Fruits

Forget the marketer’s version of “fruit”—Froot Loops, Juicy Fruit, and the like—and fill your plate with real, whole fruits. They’re packed with nutrients, like antioxidants and fiber to keep you full, plus, research points to fruits as being strong disease-preventers. For example, two half-cup servings of blueberries can lower your risk of type 2 diabetes by as much as 23 percent. Grapefruit can help your body use insulin more effectively, keep blood sugar in check, and improve your calorie burn. Potassium, found in bananas and avocados, has been shown to help decrease your chances of dying from cardiovascular disease. Fruit is also great substitute for dessert, and can satisfy your cravings for sweets. Vary your choices—from apples to melons to berries to plums and more—so you’re getting the most diverse nutritional benefits possible.

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