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C2L is a one stop destination for all campus and life related queries. It is the only platform cum forum that allows users to discuss, post, interact among each other and utilize all the resources that the website hosts.

We treat our articles as recipes.Spice, Sweet, Sour, Savory mixed together to have a balancing act. Our forum is not just about jobs or notes, we discuss about various life related situations and problems that help people in all walks of life.

" The Best of the Best". Learn, Analyze and Crack all the secrets of an interview. A composition of the best complied and penned interview strategies.

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About Us

About Us

Campus2life was started with a whole intension of helping students in both career and life. We here try to help our readers understand how they have to choose their career path based on their education, also provide guidance's with placements, jobs, etc. We provide many high value information under the board " expert training " to our readers written by our panel of experts and also through information provided by our partners. Our team is always working on many issues which are in general to students, freshers searching for jobs, etc. Our forum is open to any discussion, users can get answers to many of their questions from this place. Please feel free to browse the site, learn as well as contribute to the community and most of all enjoy your stay here.


Our Team:

Satish Kumar              (Co-founder, CEO, Site Admin)
Vivekanand                 (Co-founder, COO, Site Admin)
Bennuri Lavanya          (Author, Editor, Head of Site Articles)
Anil Srimanth               (Author, Forum Global Moderator)
Vamsi Krishna              (Intern, Author - Jobs)
Manoj Venkat              (Intern, Author - Forum)
Pratyushaa Vadapu       (Intern, Author - Forum)

Professional Authors:

Dr. Mrudula Lakkaraju       (Author - Expert Articles)
Mr.Pavan Kumar                (Tranier - Forum and Jobs)
Mr. Ram Ganga Charan 
     (Author - Expert Articles)

We hope to stay connected with you in all possible ways. If you have any queries or request for any new service do contact us or post in forum.


Campus2life Team

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