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Age of “un-awareness” of how hard it is for women to lose weight

women to lose weight

Most readers, such as yourself, have tried diet wonderments that say they will work, and some do help women lose weight, however, at what cost? Here is something new you can try. Why not buddy up with another woman and see what happens.

Teaming up to lose weight can be very helpful by relieving stress, being accountable, more substantial commitment, a more robust game plan, and, most of all, support. The pressure is an essential factor when tempted to jump off your game plan. That’s when the support comes in, honestly, give your weight loss buddy a call, tell her the situation. I am willing to bet you won’t pick up that slice of cake that Betty brought in.
Having to sets of focus will help zero in on triggers that make each of you want to eat or snack. For example, boredom is a big one, and it is so easy to grab some chips or chocolate and plop down in front of the TV. Why not instead call your friend and challenge her to 50 jumping jacks right then and there.

Fighting boredom is not hard, all you need to do is make a list of all those little things you have been wanting to do and start going down that list and finishing them when you get bored. The other key point is being accountable, yes we know, we are much more responsible than our counterparts; however, we do cheat ourselves quite often. Why not hold ourselves to the same standards we place on our children? Don’t fib to your teammate either!!

Exercises and Yoga

Let’s talk a little bit about commitment, and I find that if too large of a promise is put in place that I tend to balk a little. Of course, I am much better now, but when I first tried to lose weight, I would have high and lofty goals for dieting, exercise, YOGA, and anything I could get my hands on frankly! Women can tackle a lot, but being reasonable is also a virtue. So let’s try being reasonable when putting together a game plan and hurtle each commitment with success. Trust me, I know it is harder for women to lose weight, ask any nutritionist!!

So now you need to choose who you want to do this. Strategize a game plan that you both are comfortable with. Use text, email, or phone calls for support. Share the involved stress talk out your worries and concerns, and it’s time to get real missy! Most of all, keep your commitment to each other and the game plan you have put in place!
Good Luck!!!

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