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Helping Your Kids Control Their Weight – Kids to Lose Weight

Helping Your Kids Control Their Weight – Kids to Lose Weight

Helping Your Kids Control Their Weight

Too many of our children are overweight today, and that leads to many health complications later. Use the following tips to get a weight-conscious program going in your household and keep your Kids to Lose Weight.

1. Limit idle time

Kids spend way too much time watching television, playing games and updating their Facebook pages and sadly, this has become the norm in today’s society. Place a timer near the TV or PC and tell your kids it’s okay to do all those things, but not all day long.

2. Plan meals together

Let your kids be a part of the decision making process by letting them add their own healthy favorites to your grocery list. Bring them with you to the store and ask them to read labels prior to placing things in the cart. Generate healthy enthusiasm for the process and an awareness of what they are doing to their bodies.

3. Prepare meals together

Cooking is fun and although it might take longer and get a lot messier if your kids help, it will be good for them! They can see firsthand all the healthy ingredients that go into your meals and get some much needed practice for later in life when they must do it for themselves.

4. Pack their school lunches

Although government regulated meals at public schools have improved over the years, it’s still much better if you make your children’s lunches yourself. You can control the portion size as well as the caloric content and also emphasize the importance of certain dietary elements. Nobody knows what your kids need like you do anyway!

5. Set a good example

If you insist that your son or daughter eat all of their broccoli, it’s very important that you do the same! Eat together and limit your portion sizes to demonstrate moderation and optimum health. Avoid having any area of the kitchen designated as mom or dad’s food only, particularly if it’s going to be filled with unhealthy foods like chips and chocolate.

6. Educate them on the dangers of being overweight

Appropriate to their ages, show your children the complications associated with diabetes, such as the daily dialysis some kids must go through. Explain the damage done to the heart and arteries when the only thing you consume is junk food; let them know the consequences of a poor diet and obesity.

7. Exercise as a family

You know it’s needed anyway, as a standard of good health in any household, so why not do your weight-challenged child a huge favor and get the whole family excited about exercise? Visit the beach and play volleyball, hike up a mountain or trail and get a game of football going right in your own backyard! Turning them on to fitness is one of the best things you can do for them and it should lead to a lifelong habit of health.

With a little time and effort, you can show your children a healthy way of life that will lead to long-term weight management. It’s in their best interest and will undoubtedly work in your favor as well!

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