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Helping Your Teenager With Weight Loss

Teenager With Weight Loss

Teenager With Weight Loss

The teenage years are tough ones appearances can really make you or break you during this emotionally fragile time. When you are overweight as a teenager, it often times comes with teasing, self-esteem and confidence issues. If your teenager is overweight, you might notice that they struggle a little bit more than other teens.

As a parent you want to help, but might be unsure what you can do without hurting their feelings. This article will give you some helpful ways to help your teen meet their weight loss goals in a positive way.

You might not be able to control what your teen eats outside of the home, but you do have control over what they eat at home. If you really want to help your teen, the entire family will have to make some changes. Do not make an announcement about this, because it can cause protests with other kids in the house, and you also do not want to draw attention to your teen’s weight.

When doing the grocery shopping, only buy healthy foods. It can be helpful to find some healthy recipes and snacks before your trip to the store so that you are prepared. Teaching your teen through example at home will help them to make healthier food choices when they are not home.

Walk / Workout

Begin going for walks and ask your teen to join you. You might have to force them to at first, but after a few times, they will look forward to it. Not only is it a good time to get some exercise, but it is also a great time to do some parent/teenager bonding. You can also ask your teen to join you for a game of tennis, squash or hit up the batting cages together.

The key to keeping your teen wanting to do these things is to keep it interesting, relaxing and fun. Don’t make it a time that you do all the talking, let them do the talking, and try to remember what it was like to be their age. After a couple weeks, ask if they have lost weight and tell them they look good. Mention that it must be the walks or activities you have been doing together.


Sometimes it is hard to motivate your teenager, especially to lose weight because it is a touchy subject to discuss. You do not want to offend your teen at a time in their life when being socially awkward is a fate worse than death.

Ask your teen if they want to take a dance class or some fun activity with a friend. You can save up the money ahead of time for them and a friend, in case it is expensive. This can be a great way to motivate your teen to lose weight because it is fun and something their best friend can do with them, even if it is not financially possible for them.

Teenagers who are overweight usually end up becoming overweight adults with premature health problems. Doing all that you can as a parent to help your overweight teen shed those pounds is one of the best gifts that you can give them. Use the tips from this article to help your teen in a positive and discrete way.

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