How to Find Your Niche in Business, Blogging, Fashion, Youtube, Instagram

important section which is about finding your niche during this section. We are going to learn five steps to find what you like the most. What is the most suitable niche for you? Then we are going to learn more about what is profitable which is accessible while you which is around you. And then finally we are going to select a niche and how you can mass day.

So if you are ready to let’s start our first lecture five steps to finding what you like the most.

Steps Toward Finding Your Niche

All right. So the five steps that will help you to find the suitable needs to according to your characteristics. according to what you like Right. Before we begin. First of all, why do you need to find your niche? Why you just can’t focus on marketing on all topics why you need a specific top specific need to focus on. Well first of all marketing if you want to do marketing for other businesses you cannot do for example marketing for a restaurant and do it for a cafe and do it for a store then do it for a clothing store. then do it for example for some online business.

Then do it for education for example schools something like that. You cannot do this because it is a very broad topic. And why I say you cannot do this because each of these topics has a lot of tips techniques and strategies inside that work. And you have to figure out them. You have to learn more about that. You have to understand the business first. Then you will be able to grow a business. OK.

So that is why when you select in some specific niche for example dentists and we have a lot of type of dentists. What kind of dentist okay dentists who are working on this topic or this field or that field. That is also important.

For example, let’s say you select you to want to focus on some kind of tents. All right. And along the way, as you go forward you have to learn more about their business. You have to learn more about what their customers want what the customer needs. Okay. You have to learn more about what your clients can do and can’t do. These are the things that when you focus on a niche you get a master at them and after sometime when you look at the business when you look at for example dentists, you can tell that person, hey your business has these problems and I can easily fix it for you in a couple of months. Right this way you will be more successful in your job doing social media marketing and you will be able to grow your client’s businesses much better much faster.

So, in general, you will be more successful. And after that maybe take a couple of years for you to get a star on one topic. After that, f you wanted to work on another topic you can start that as well. But my suggestion to you is that find that niche focus on it and learn everything about it and master it. And later after you did all these and you became successful in that part in that field then if you wanted to go after another niche you can do it. All right.

So let’s take a look at these five steps.

Here we are in finding your niche here. This is the third part and this is what we are going to talk about right now. So several years ago I learned this system this five-course from my mentor and helped me a lot to find what is really suitable for me what I can grow in. And today in this lecture I’m going to share these questions with you so you can think about them and find out what is most suitable for you according to your character. Right.

So there are five questions here that you have to think about and you have to find an answer. So the first one is what did you grow up around when you were a child. What did you grow up around? What were you doing at that time? For example if your parents were teachers and them were reading all the time and you saw them and you liked books a lot and you started to read at that time well you grow up around books if you for example if your parents or someone close to you or a musician they were playing guitar piano or something like this and you learned it and you liked it so much you grew up around music. So what I want from you right now as we go forward as we read each question try to think about them on the next part.

You have to go very deep and find the answer exactly to this question and write them down. All right. But right now just try to think about them as we go forward. All right. So the next question is that what have you been doing over the past 10 years. Hey so maybe you grew up around music but over the past 10 years,

  • you were working as a salesman.
  • You were working as a writer.
  • You were working as an actor.
  • You were working as a designer right.

It is important because you have experience in that field and you can use it to grow yourself. So the next question is that what you like to become when you were 15 till age 18 years old. So when you were 15 till 18 when you wanted to think about your future What did you like to become.

  • Did you like to become an actor?
  • Did you like to become a salesman?
  • Did you like to become a millionaire?
  • Did you like to become an investor?
  • What did you like to become?

Okay try to think back and remember exactly what did what was the most important thing that you wanted to do over the next 10 20 years.

For example, for me, I like a lot to create something new that has a positive effect on people. I just knew death and I hated to do other things that you didn’t have this feature inside. It’s okay. I wanted to do something which helped people and helped them with their life to help them with their business create something from scratch. This was what I really loved at that time. So the next question is that what can you and like to talk about when you are not working. Imagine you went out with your friends it’s weekend with your friends family relatives and they’re all listening to and you want to speak about some topic. What is the most important topic for you that you can just stand there and speak for several hours and your perfectly good at it and you can do it easily? What is that topic? For example, for me, I can talk about business a lot. I can talk about lifestyle a lot. What is that topic for you? So the next question. Is that what your enemies will compliment you on people who hate you people who are not your friend’s people who don’t like you. What if they want to talk about you. What they will compliment you on.

Think about that maybe you heard it before from someone. That’s all right. This guy is I hate him. I hate her. He or she is like this he or she is like that. But for example, he knows how to do this. She knows how to do this.

Try to find out about these answers. These are important and will help you to find something which is perfect for your character. So that was the five questions that you need to think about. If you are ready let’s go for the next part.


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