How to Pick Your Niche and How to Master It

How to Pick Your Niche and How to Master It

So till now, we worked on two different fields. The first part we talked about the things that you’re passionate about what you like to do according to answering those five questions you can create some kind of list of two three four topics. That’s all right. I like to do.

At first, I like to do this. Second I like to do this third and go on Cape and another list of the businesses that are profitable that are making money. And you can help them to grow their business. Right now you have to look at these two lists try to come up with an answer which both you are passionate about and it is making money this way you can go forward much faster.

You’re going to be very more successful and the journey will be enjoyable for you. The reason that you have to select a topic you may circuit. I will focus on a topic which is profitable and who cares about it.

If I like it or not I like to make money. OK, you may say that but it is true somehow. But this way you will go forward and at some point, you will stop because if you don’t enjoy what you are doing you cannot go very far.

And also along the way, you will fail a lot. You will face a lot of problems that you have to solve. You will hear know hundreds of thousands of times. And if you are not passionate about that topic you will get discouraged.

You will accept the failure and you will quit. And I don’t want this happen to you. So it is important to select a niche which both you like it and both it is profitable. So that was all about this part. If you are ready let’s go for the next lecture which is about mastering your niche.

Mastering niche:

So now that you have selected your niche it is important for you to master. And the thing is that when you become a master in your niche when you’re speaking with your clients they will feel that This guy is a professional. This guy even knows more about my business compared to me.

So they will trust you. They were relying on you and they will pay you good money. beside that along the way you will get experience in this field. It is extremely important to learn as much as you can about that niche about that field.

So what you are going to do is to spend a lot of time on learning learn how the businesses work in that niche.

There should be a lot of successful businesses around you in that niche try to search more about them try to understand how they started their business how they became successful in what they are doing what they are not doing.

Usually by writing these down, for example, this business number one they do this they don’t do these things and they started with this situation after two years three years. They did that with writing. You will learn more and it will remain on your brain much longer.

The next thing is that read some books about them. You are trying to for example do marketing for a restaurant. Try to find some books in restaurant marketing okay. I have done this before as well and it has a huge effect on your success for example before I was doing marketing for videogames.

And I went out there and bought all the books that I could get my hands on. I bought all of them and I read them. And I learned a lot of new things that helped me a lot to become more successful in that field.

All right the next thing is that make your research and find out why some of these businesses are more successful than the others they talked about. Or you can do it vice versa. Find why some businesses failed in these fields.

There are you in both of these you will learn a lot of new things. The next thing is to find the top 10 companies in the war in your niche. Learn everything about them. You are doing,

for example,

You want to learn more about you want to do marketing for a dentist. Find the top 10 dentists in the war.

You want to do for example marketing for fast food. Read more about the top 10 fast wins in the war.

What did they do how did the market. For example, sometimes you can find some good answers even from 10 20 years ago companies that were doing very good at that time. So making your research and finding information learning it will help you a lot.

The next thing is that listen to podcasts about your niche on your phone you can sign up to some podcasts. It’s very easy while you’re driving by.

For example, you are at the gym while you are doing so while you’re jogging for example in the morning you can listen to this podcast and learn new stuff. It is important for you to master your niche because this way you will bring more success to your clients. And then they will pay you much much more.

I know I am repeating this over and over because it is important. And even though I am repeating it a lot of people will miss it. A lot of people will forget to do these things and they go forward after two years three years. They sit down and look. What we have to do right. And the next thing is to find professionals in your field in your niche and follow them to learn what they are doing what they did before and what they will do how are they planning their next strategies and so on.

It is more or less we can I can say find a good mentor for yourself in your own nation. You’re doing marketing for example restaurants for clothing your source find for example you can find another agency who are doing the same thing in some other countries and pay attention to what they are doing.

Follow them for example you know for this huge company these agents this marketing agency is working for them. They are doing their marketing. You can pay attention to their social media and look at their posts how they are doing it what they are doing this way you can learn a lot and master your niche and there is another thing I have to pay I have to tell you and that is as we go forward right now you’re learning a lot of new things because you will practice you will master them and you will start your business you will create your social media marketing agent agency you will build it you will grow it you will become successful in it.

All right but that’s not all of it. As you go for a ride for the next three months the next year for the next three years.

Doesn’t matter. As you go forward you must update yourself. You must update your brain okay. Right now you may learn a lot of things about for example Facebook marketing Facebook advertisement but these strategies may not work After five years what are you going to do then.

So it is very important for you not to just rely on what you are learning right now. And as you go forward try to update yourself because things will change as you go forward. And you have to learn them. You have to master them all right. That was all about this part.

If you have any question if you need my help.

Go to the Niche section of the course and write Comment a question for me and I will be there for you. So if you are ready to let’s go for the next lecture Niche


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