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How to Use Abdominal Bench?

Abdominal Bench

Abdominal benches are an effective way to build the muscles that form your abs. While they have many advantages, if you don’t use one in the right manner, it can result in serious injuries especially to the neck portion and inflict more harm than advantages. For that reason, the following is the right steps to take when you use an abdominal bench to workout.

Basics on Using the Abdominal Bench:

Whatever type of bench you opt for, the basics of all are similar.

To start you should use a light weight and then continue increasing it. While your grab the handles at either side the important tip to take note of is that your arms should be perpendicular i.e. they should be at a 90 degree angle while keeping your triceps firmly positioned on the pads, this is your starting position for the exercise..

Since the purpose of this ab bench machine is to focus on your abdominal area, your upper torso should contract alongside you moving in the forward position and exhaling at the same point. This movement should be controlled at a slow rate instead of a quick and jerky motion that can result in muscle damage instead.

The last step is to inhale while you slowly move back to your starting position and extend your upper torso once again. Repetitive movements of this cycle everyday gradually help strengthen your abs.

Abdominal bench machines are divided into two types:

For Seated Ab-Crunch Machine:

Seated machines require you to exercise while you’re in a sitting position. The first step is to level the height of the machine to a height that your front shoulders rest against the lever. Then you’ve to adjust the weight of the load and then lift your arms over the lever. Next up is to exhale your lungs and then move forward in a bending position all while remaining seated. Then reverse your movement and inhale as you once again extend your waist while moving back to your original vertical position.

Lying Ab-Crunch Machine:

For the lying abdominal bench your position is one in which you have to lie down straight so that your head rests on top of the head pad. Adjust the weight you’d prefer while you grip the handles at either side of your head or torso. Once again the movement is the same as the seated abdominal bench where you flex your waist and exhale as you move forward while keeping your hips in position. To return you have to inhale as you move back and the back pads move to their original position. Visit for more information my gym machine

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