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Miscellaneous Mahendra Satyam Campus Recruitment Pattern and Syllabus September 2011

Mahendra Satyam Campus Recruitment Pattern and Syllabus September 2011

Mahendra Satyam Campus Recruitment Pattern and Syllabus September 2011

The campus recruitment's for 2012 passouts has already begun. Most of campuses have already started to call the firms to their colleges. Now if at all, you are attending a Mahendra Satyam campus recruitment, then relax guys, they follow the same question paper pattern everytime.

They have basically 3 rounds of recruitment process.

  1. Online Written Test.
  2. Technical Round.
  3. HR Round.

So according to this pattern, they will filter the candidates easily. The cutoff marks is 60% from 10th standard. The most important thing to remember before attending satyam is, Try to know more about the company first. They always ask the same question of Why Mahendra Satyam ? So now coming to the rounds.. The syllabus is pretty simple.


1) Written Test : This is very simple way of eliminating half of the candidates. The question paper will be easy, but you have to manage the time properly. They will ask 170 questions which have to be solved in 80mins. They will usually divide the written test into 2 parts :

a) Verbal : It has 100 questions which has to be answered in 40mins and in Verbal you can see 8 sections.

  1. Articles - Just Select A Or An Or The
  2. Verbiage - Meanings
  3. Passage - Fill In With The Appropriate Words

b) Aptitude : It has 70 questions where you will get 40mins to solve them quickly. No need to workout on hardcore aptitude.. they usually ask questions from Clocks, Time And Work and Partnership. And in logical they will often ask Questions From Puzzle Test, Figure Series, Number Series, Direction Sense, Blood Relations.

2) Technical Round : If you are through the first round, Then you will go to the technical round where they will ask you just basics of C, CPP or Java. The questions may also depend on your stream. If you are ECE or EEE then expect questions from that area. If at all CSE, IT or MCA then be prepared with C, CPP and Java basics. Also brush up your SQL and Other subjects once. And most important thing. Always be prepared with the questions from your project. They mostly ask you to tell about your project. I think this will be nothing more than 5 to 10mins. But if at all they ask you to write a program on c, cpp.. They will always ask you to write a program on Fibonacci series or palindrome. So be prepared to answer questions from it.

3) HR Round : Now the most important round. This is where you will be fooled all the times. All you will do is to show all your tension and worries on your face. Remember one thing that never be panic when you are in front of a HR. Just relax and look into his/her eyes. The HR will mainly focus on questions like

  1. Tell me about yourself.
  2. What you do know about Mahendra Satyam.
  3. What you can do to us?
  4. Where you can see yourself in next 5yrs.
  5. What is your essay on (The one which you have written in verbal round.

Some important tips to remember when you go to a Personal interview are :

  1. Knock the door before you enter inside the cabin.
  2. Switch Off Your Mobile.
  3. Dress Properly and Use a good perfume.
  4. Don't sweat much and Don't wear untidy clothes.
  5. Don't take your handkerchief out.
  6. Try to give a gentle smile.
  7. Be confident and Speak loud and clear.
  8. make sure you are nodding your head/hands when HR is speaking.
  9. Don't sit in chair before you are asked to sit.
  10. Look straight into his/her face rather than tables and fans.
  11. If at all you got a chance to explain things on paper, don't miss it.
  12. Speak good English without grammatical mistakes.
  13. Never ask for water to drink.
  14. Don't put your hands in your pockets.
  15. And finally don't forget to wish him.her before and after the interview.

That's all Guys.. If at all you have any queries.. Just ask us. We are here to help you anytime.


0 #2 jacob 2013-03-28 20:32
please dont attend mahendra satyam off campus they wont give offer letters they will take nearly 1 and half to 2 years to give.that too not conformed in between they will give some letters like intend letters have to bear yourself all these time.......
its my experiece
+1 #1 sneha 2012-01-25 14:10

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