Nutrition: STOP Worrying About Holiday Weight Gain


Nutrition: STOP Worrying About Holiday Weight Gain

“What are your best tips for losing weight over the holidays?” That’s a question I’ve been asked hundreds of times. It’s also one I no longer answer. After all, why advise people to double down on their diets when the rest of the world is telling them to celebrate with their favorite foods? The question I’ll answer instead is, “How can I help myself come out of this holiday season feeling as good as I did when I entered it?” Glad you asked.

1. Weigh yourself less often.

If you typically weigh yourself daily, the holidays might be a good time to dial back to once a week or so. No need to track – and stress over – every fluctuation, which may very well be attributed to water (not fat) if you’re eating foods that are higher in sodium than you usually consume. If you find even weighing yourself once a week is more upsetting than informative or motivating, ditch it. The number that’s on the scale has nothing to do with your self-worth, value or ability to take care of yourself. It’s just a number on a machine that is not alive, so it can’t and shouldn’t dictate your mood or how your day will unfold.

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