Nutrition: STOP Worrying About Holiday Weight Gain


3. Dress comfortably.

Despite popular advice to wear tight clothing to prevent overeating, I say: Dress the body you have – not the body you had in high school. Wearing clothing that makes you feel good may actually lead healthier decisions than wearing clothing that makes you feel bad. Self-compassion always beats self-hatred when it comes to making decisions that serve you.

4. Enjoy a variety of foods – even higher-calorie sides.

Sure,you could fill up on turkey and a plain baked potato to avoid room for less-healthy side dishes, but you could also purposefully not wear mitts when taking hot food out of the oven. In other words, why make yourself miserable? Turkey and baked potatoes are available year-round, so no need to give them starring roles on your plate on Thanksgiving (unless you love them, of course).

Leave some room for other dishes that you only get the chance to taste once a year. (I’m already dreaming of my “Challah-Day Stuffing,” but you can bet I’ll be having my stuffed sweet potatoes, too!). Eating a variety of foods with different flavors can help you feel satisfied sooner, so you may not actually do any more “damage” than had you loaded up on bland foods you only semi-like.

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