Nutrition: STOP Worrying About Holiday Weight Gain


5. Eat dessert if you want it.

Some people would prefer to skip the whole meal and just move right into dessert. If that’s you, enjoy it, whether your dessert of choice is pumpkin cake, pecan pie or a holiday fruit cake. Treat desserts as if they are special, and choose the one you will enjoy the most (yes, even if you are full). One day of a dessert you love is so worth the negligible impact it might have on your weight.

This is the time of year when balance is key. That means trying to achieve that sweet combination of enjoying what you’re eating while also enjoying the way you feel, mentally and physically. When you’re faced with holiday events, excessive cooking and baking, and invitations to parties with food everywhere, just focus on what it takes for you to feel good. Savor those foods that mean the most to you because of the memories they bring, the tastes they provide and the grateful feelings you get when you share them with others. Happy holidays from my table to yours.

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