The Kumara Parvatha – Must do trek in South India

In the wake of going through the bending, winding streets, the reciting music of the sanctuary invited us to Kukke Subramanya. Kukke Subramanya is an excellent little sanctuary town in Coorg. The city was clamoring with movement as it was the latest day in the long stretch of Karthik. An immense chariot parade was likewise being directed that day. The vast majority of the inns in the town didn’t have accessible rooms; however, after a little pursuit, we looked into a decent hotel.

Kumara Parvatha

In the first part of the day, we visited Kukke sanctuary and meandered around the town till early afternoon and filled our tummies with flavorful nourishment offered at the temple. We began our trek at around 2 o’clock, and the arrangement was to reach Battremane before dim.

We gathered our outdoor outfits, and with enthusiasm, we walked towards the beginning stage of the trek.

There are various Levels of trekking at Kumara Parvatha.

Kumara Parvatha

Stage 1: Kukke start point to Battremane 6 Kms

We had bunches of weight to convey, and with moist climate, the trek appeared to be fairly long! Thinking about the mugginess, we guaranteed that everyone was carrying adequate measures of water.

We navigated through the backwoods for the initial three kms, and in the wake of trekking for quite a while, the heaviness of the backpack began giving indications of weight. Regardless, our spirits were too high even to consider getting hindered by gravity. So we continued walking along, making jokes and giggling. After some time, we went over a stream. The sweet stable of the flow and the cold wind pounded up the vitality in us. We topped off our jugs, revived ourselves, and continued the trek. When the backwoods trek finished, we were welcomed with the beguiling view, including the great green mountains, aha!! What a hypnotizing view

We came to Battremane campground at around 5:30 P.M. Different trekkers had just set up their shelters.

Level 2: Set up a shelter at Battremane campground.

The climate God appeared to be angry with us for reasons unknown, and it began to pour before we could set up our shelters. It was our first outdoor experience, and it was pouring felines, canines, little cats, and young doggies.

The lightweight tents that we brought were not sufficiently able to bear such a climate. So we chose to rest over at Battremane.

We went through the night singing and sharing stories among ourselves while the supper was getting cooked. At last, the nourishment was served and tired that we were, we overate on Rice, Sambar, and Pickle under a sky brimming with stars. There were around 200+ trekkers on the forceful Kumara Parvatha. Woah!! That is a ton. No big surprise the mountains pull in such a large number of trekkers around the globe.

Stage 3: Kallumantapa 3 kms

The next morning, we proposed to begin our trek at around 6:30 a.m. be that as it may, wound up moving just at 8 a.m. From the Battremane to Kallumantapa, the trek was delicate. As we pushed ahead, we could view the excellence of the mountains and breathe in outside air, which has become a curiosity for us Bangaloreans. There is a stream at Kallumantapa where one can top off the water bottles before continuing to some strenuous trek.

Stage 4: Shesha Parvatha 3.5 kms

Sun began playing find the stowaway. When we started climbing towards Sesha Parvatha. Burning sunbeams began to suck up our vitality, and our pace eased back down. Be that as it may, the view was simply showing signs of improvement and better. The lovely mountain vista helped me to remember the mountains in a dream film, à la “Master of the Rings.”

Stage 5: Kumara Parvatha 2.5 kms

From Shesha Parvatha to Kumara parvatha, it’s a moderate climb through the timberland. Moreover, cooling temperatures and satisfying greenery gave us enough inspiration to scale the compelling Kumara Parvatha. The sentiment of coming to the top was incredible. Was it worth climbing such vast numbers of kilometers? Each progression was worth, period!

Stage 6: Plunge from Kumara Parvatha to Kukke Subramanya

We kept steady over the mountain for a long while—at the same time devouring our eyes with the remarkable perspectives around us. We needed to plunge 12.5 kms to arrive at the town of Kukke Subramanya. It appeared as though the sun was attempting its best to back us off with its searing beams. It made plummeting somewhat troublesome. So we took as much time as necessary to arrive at the base. When we came to Battremane, we ate our nourishment, grabbed our backpacks, and afterward began diving further.

It was alarming strolling through the woods in pitch dimness, and that as well, with dead sore feet. Yet, I was cheerful, upbeat because each snapshot of the outing caused me to feel alive. To summarize it, the experience was healthy. They state that each experience shows us something. The expectation that I remember the exercises of this experience!

Kumara Parvatha trek Details:

Trek length: 12.5 Kms(one side)

Area: Kukkue Subramanya

Good ways from Bangalore: 280kms

Trouble Level: Troublesome

Trek Length: 2 days

Cost: 3000 for each individual

Things to convey:

Water 3 liters for each individual

The great measure of bites

Tops conceal

Wear open to apparel and high trekking shoes

Glucose, cucumber, orange

HeadLight lights/burn light per individual.

This is all about Kumara Parvatha Trek, one of my best experiences. I want to say special thanks to my trip operator BanBanjara for providing a well trend trek leader like Rama and taking care for the whole trip.

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