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There are numerous sites that give data to the parrot owners about how to prepare their parrots and keep them healthy, etc. In short, it gives data about each topic on parrots. Cute parrot is one of these sites which cover every topic on a parrot. There is a community section too where parrot owners can cooperate with one another. There are a large number of parrot owners and you can gain knowledge from their encounters.

Macaws are colorful parrots with a long tail and wide feathers. The things you should remember while choosing confine for macaw are as follows:

Measurement of the cage:

The cage should be sufficiently substantial so the macaw can extend his wings and can move freely in the cage. Moreover, it should be pocket-friendly and don’t consume so much space. The bar dividing should be less so that the bird should not be able to stick his head between those bars.


As macaw is a big and strong bird, the material of the cage should be strong so that the bird cannot be able to break it easily. The cages shouldn’t be painted as a bird can eat the paint off the inner walls of the cage and can become ill or die.


The entrance of the cage should be big enough so the bird doesn’t have any difficulty passing through it. The gate should be strong and can have a locking mechanism so that it cannot be open by the bird easily.

Cage base:

The cage base should consist of a tray that can come out easily like a drawer, for cleaning the waste dropped by the bird. The food dishes should also come out easily and should not be made up of plastic so that the bird cannot chew it.

Activities in the cage:

You should include some kind of toys and activities so that the bird should not feel bored. You should also include one or two perches in the cage so that the bird sits on to that. Moreover, there should be vertical bars at least on one side of the cage so that the bird can climb on them.


The transportation of the cage should be easy. Big cages are not easy to carry from one place to another so these sizes of cages should have wheels for easy transportation.

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