Which is the best fold-able drone?

DJI Mavic pro is one of the best fold-able drones right now. It is one of the top rated drones in the market and is preferred by both aerial photographers and drone users.

Following is the folding and unfolding mechanism of DJI Mavic pro.

Folding and unfolding:

The thing with the DJI Mavic pro is that there is a specific way of folding and unfolding the drones. There are total 4 rods two in the front and two in the back. Both rods fold differently, to fold the rear end rods you flip over the drone and then twist the two rods opposite to the camera towards the center. After folding the rear end rods you will see that the propellers are aligned with the body.

While folding the front rods is different, after folding the rear rods you turn over the drone to its original position. Instead of twisting in the rods you have to push them in and just like the rear rods they will align with the center body with the propellers resting on top of the body. Same is the way to unfold the drone carrying out the same steps in reverse order. For more details visit


Other the easy folding mechanism the feature of the DJI Mavic pro are better than other drones on the market. Following are the specifications of the DJI Mavic pro.

The DJI Mavic pro shoots in 4k and is true to its word. Which are stable by a gimbals of 3 axis stabilization, which keeps the camera stable for smooth and clear shots. It has a shutter speed 1/8000 seconds with an image with a maximum size of 4000 x 3000.

The battery of the drone is really quite something as it has been regarded as one of the best drone batteries of all time. It has a functioning time of 27 minutes which has never been achieved before. It has capacity of 3830 mAh, a voltage of 11.4 and is a Lipo 3S system

Mavic has a very complex 3D collision avoidance system called vision made of 4 vision cameras, dual band satellite positioning system and 2 ultrasonic range finder sensor. Which gives it advantage over other drones as they are not equipped with such technology. Read more on:

The remote controller for the DJI Mavic pro has an operating frequency between 2.4 GHz and 2.483 GHz. The maximum transmission is said to be 4.3 miles or 7 kilometers. The functioning range of the controller is between the temperatures 0-40 degree Celsius. It also supports lightning, Micro USB (TYPE B) and USB (TYPE C) port types.

DJI Mavic pro can operate up to 16404 feet or 5000 m above sea level. It has a maximum ascent speed of 16.4 ft. /s or 5m/s when I sports mode. While the decent speed is 9.8 ft. /s or 3 m/s, while the maximum speed of the drone is 40 mph or 65km/h when in sport mood. These speed can only be achieved in perfect condition, which means that there is no wind.

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